RULE # 1 ……
Please do not order from us until you have watched the video and THOROUGHLY understand what this product is and what you should expect.  We’ve been doing this for over 5 years and our honesty and integrity is beyond most that sell. Please do not order from us until you have watched the short video below. It will show you exactly what our product is and what to expect.

What is Gold Hog’s new RAW PAY DIRT? 

raw gold paydirt
Our new raw paydirt is a blend.
We take one cup of dredge concentrates, one cup of crushed hard rock ore, and then about 3 quarts of raw, un-worked, excavated pay. This is a LARGE bag, almost one full gallon, of gold bearing raw pay dirt.  The ONLY thing we remove are large rocks, those roughly over 3 inches. Nothing else is touched. 

#1 This is NASTY STUFF and will challenge the BEST panners.
#2 This material is GREAT for LEARNING about REAL pay. It’s designed to be studied not
just get the gold out.
#3 The bags are pretty cheap.  We DO NOT sell expensive bags with TONS of gold.
You can order $200 – $4000 bags of concentrates all over the internet.
If you want to see HUGE amounts of gold… get your wallet out and
order from them. It’s not what we do.

This dirt is a FUN learning experience.

Common Questions:

How much gold should I expect?

Because our material is 100% untouched and unworked, there is NEVER a guarantee of the gold contents. However, because we add the dredge concentrates and crushed ore, the bags are VERY consistent.  Most bags yield about 1/4 gram of gold.

What size gold should I expect?

Most people find small pickers to VERY… VERY… fine gold.  Remember placer gold is most commonly found in its FINEST of forms.  This is often 10 – 20  times finer than salt grains.  If you’re not an expert panner… you will be.

What about gems?

Yes, gems are very common in our area and you need to check EVERY rock in the bag.  Don’t discard it because it’s not “pretty”.  Many gems look like rocks. We have a gem chart on here too.  We try to make sure that every bag has at least one “cool gem” in it.   Also… when you pan down to the “black sands” and heavies.  Take a microscope or loupe and look at it. You’ll see 1000’s and 1000’s of tiny gems. (gem sand)  This shows you that they are truly native to our area as they have been crushed down over 1000’s of years.

What’s the difference between “concentrates” and “raw pay”? 

Again… the video explains it, but concentrates have been run though equipment and worked by human hands.  Raw Pay is just the way it came out of the ground. never worked, nasty, and muddy.  We do remove very large rocks, like 3-4″ + rocks as they just take up valuable space.